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Classic MMO Old School Runescape sees return of its most iconic quest

Old School Runescape has become its own unique thing separate from the main game and it’s about to get a remixed version of a classic quest.

Classic MMO Old School Runescape sees return of its most iconic quest: A gang of heroes gathers during the While Guthix Sleeps quest.

One recurring problem in gaming has been an enduring unwillingness to look back. That’s especially a problem with live service games, such as MMOs, which are continually evolving with no way to step back in time to experience the games as they were. Thankfully some developers are trying to fix that, with World of Warcraft Classic and Old School Runescape being the two most popular retro experiences. The latter of these is just about to get a huge boost, with the return of one of the game’s most iconic quests.

While Guthix Sleeps is a lengthy quest that dates back to 2008 which marked a turning point for the MMORPG. Praised for its complexity and narrative elements, it was regarded as the most immersive quest when it was released and it’s been a fan favorite ever since. Now it’s making the journey to Old School Runescape, with a few changes to make sure it fits even better with the retro MMO.

The biggest and most obvious change is in terms of rewards. With Old School Runescape having over a decade of development, updates, and new content added, it wouldn’t make sense to give players the same stuff they would’ve received 16 years ago. The original quest rewarded 5,000 coins, a few batches of experience, and some ruined dragon gear. Now players can look forward to receiving five Quest Points, a ton of skill experience in thieving, farming, herblore, and hunter, and access to some exclusive crafting recipes.

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That’s not all that’s changed, as one of the other quest rewards will also allow players to gain entry to the Ancient Guthixian Temple where they can unlock new stuff by taking on repeatable challenges. Those challenges take the form of tides of Tormented Demons, who also drop tormented synapses which you’ll need to make the crafting items mentioned above.

All of which means that this is a meaty quest and it’s got some extremely meaty rewards, as befitting its legendary status. While Guthix Sleeps is active now in Old School Runescape and you can learn more over on the official announcement post.

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