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Does Once Human have crossplay?

Here’s whether Once Human has crossplay so you can recruit your friends from other platforms, or cross-progression for multiplatform play.

Once Human crossplay: a person cowers behind cover as a bus with legs approaches.

Does Once Human have crossplay? It’s fair to say that the world of Once Human is a fairly hostile one; eldrich horrors and cosmic abominations stalk the land, and they all seem to want to tear you limb from limb. You can find a modicum of peace on the island, but it’s going to take some work – and a helping hand.

With Once Human knocking on our door, it’s time to get prepared – it’s also time to see who we can rope into this adventure. The free PC game is ambitious, with a mix of horror and crafting game giving us plenty of ideas for how we’re going to survive the onslaught and get to the bottom of what drives the mostly violent island inhabitants.

Once Human crossplay: a person squares off against another on a ruined street at dusk.

Does Once Human have crossplay?

Yes, Once Human will have crossplay functionality between PC and mobile platforms. We can also confirm that Once Human will have cross-progression functionality – when asked about cross-progression in a recent interview with PCGamesN, the developer stated “Yes, the data will be transferable across platforms.”

Good news for those who like to play on the move, as this means you’ll be able to carry on your resource gathering – and your monster killing – when you’re out and about. Then when you’re back at home, you’ll have everything prepared to take on one of the Once Human bosses, or even one of the huge multi-person raids.

Now that you know all about Once Human Crossplay, make sure you’re ready for the Once Human release time, call in as many favors as you can with your friends, and prepare to build something that lasts in a land of uncertainty. Make sure you check out our picks for the most exciting upcoming games, too – it’s always good to have one eye on the next big thing.