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The best Once Human Deviations - All Deviant companions

Some creatures got away without being corrupted by Stardust, leaving Once Human Deviations as our reliable, adorable, and useful companions.

A blue knitted bear, Dr Teddy, one of the Once Human Deviations, wears a yellow bow.

What are the best Once Human Deviations? In the post-apocalyptic world of Once Human, an alien substance called Stardust has caused deviations across the land to both wild animals and human beings. Then, there’s the cute little Deviants we call friends.

Friendly Once Human Deviants are sentient toys, critters, or objects that you can capture in the survival game and team up with, with each offering their own buffs and abilities. Some Once Human Deviations might help you cook a little faster, while others can stand alongside you in combat, helping you defeat even the toughest Once Human bosses. To decide who you should team up with, we’ve compiled this list of the best Deviants and all of their abilities.

Digby Boy, one of the best Once Human Deviants, a little metal guy with a big, cuboid head.

The best Once Human Deviants

For the best Once Human Deviations to prioritize, we’ve gone for those with the most useful attributes and can be acquired relatively easily. They also all differ, so there’s no need to choose, aim to collect them all!

The Digby Boy

  • Type: Miner
  • Capabilities: Mine Ore
  • Mood Boosters: Music, Toy, High Temperature, 5W power
  • Location: Can appear when mining Ore

The Digby Boy is a great choice for an early game Deviant as he gathers materials for you, This allows you to protect yourself faster as you’re able to build and craft must faster thanks to your extra materials. We highly recommend going after Digby as soon as possible.

Mr Wish, one of the best Once Human Deviants, holds some colorful eggs in an Easter event.

Mr. Wish

  • Type: Attack
  • Capabilities: Target Paint, Auto Attack
  • Mood Boosters: Red Light, Music Volume, Flowers, 10W Power
  • Location: Securement Silo Sigma

You could almost say Mr Wish is the face of Once Human, and you’ve probably seen him in various clips and trailers already. This funky llama toy wields a gun and accompanies you in battle. When synchronized, its auto-attack capability lets him fire at will, while the Target Paint attack forces him to aim for the enemy in your crosshairs.

A cute toy light-up bee, Buzzy Bee, is one of the best Once Human Deviants.

Buzzy Bee

  • Type: Farmer
  • Capabilities: Variant Planting
  • Mood Boosters: Music, Crops, Flowers
  • Location: Hidden Chest

Much like Digby, Buzzy Bee also allows for automation around your base, making it one of the best Deviations to get your hands right away. Once you’ve captured this cute bee, you can let them free at your farm and it will automatically plant crops, saving you valuable time.

Chefasaurus Rex, one of the best Once Human Deviations, shots a flame from its mouth to cook food.

Chefosaurus Rex

  • Type: Cooking
  • Capabilities: Cooking Speed
  • Mood Boosters: Red Light, Toy, High Temperature
  • Location: Securement Silo Phi

Not only is Chefosaurus one of the best looking Deviations, he’s also one of the most useful. With Chefosaurus around, you cook much faster, allowing you to feed yourself, your squad, and your Deviants quicker before getting back to other tasks.

A black cat toy with yellow eyes, also known as Enchanting Void, one of the Once Human Deviants.

All Once Human Deviations

Combat Deviants

Enchanting Void

  • Type: Combat
  • Capabilities: Midnight Maul, Auto Attack
  • Mood Boosters: Red Light, Flowers, Low Temperature, Electricity
  • Location: Defeat Gluttony boss in Securement Silo Theta

Butterfly’s Emissary

  • Type: Attack
  • Capabilities: Fatal Flaw, Auto Attack
  • Mood Boosters: Green Light, Flowers
  • Location: Tutorial

Festering Slime

  • Type: Defender
  • Capabilities: Flawless Fortification, Build Fortification
  • Mood Boosters: Red Light, 2W power
  • Location: Ravenous Hunter

Canine Skull

  • Type: Combat
  • Capabilities: Splinter Strike, Auto Attack
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown

Pyro Dino

  • Type: Unknown
  • Capabilities: Unknown
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown

A jellyfish, also known as Polar Jelly, one of the Once Human Deviants.

Polar Jelly

  • Type: Combat
  • Capabilities: Frostlash, Auto Attack
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown

Dr. Teddy

  • Type: Unknown
  • Capabilities: Unknown
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown

Grumpy Bulb

  • Type: Unknown
  • Capabilities: Unknown
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown

A floating humanoid, By The Wind, one of the Once Human Deviants, glows pink.

By the Wind

  • Type: Combat
  • Capabilities: Gravity Lift
  • Mood Boosters: Blue Light, Red Light, Flowers, Electricity
  • Location: Unknown

Lava Fox

  • Type: Unknown
  • Capabilities: Unknown
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown

Territory Deviants

Logging Beaver

  • Type: Logger
  • Capabilities: Fell Trees
  • Mood Boosters: Music, Crops, High Temperature, 3W power
  • Location: Docks near Mayor’s Market

Four Nutcrackers, Once Human Deviations, stand in formation, each firing their guns ahead.


  • Type: Territory Defense
  • Capabilities: Mobile Turret
  • Mood Boosters: Green Light, Toy, 5W power
  • Location: Mensdevoran boss fight reward


  • Type: Gatherer
  • Capabilities: Harvests shrubs
  • Mood Boosters: Crops, Toy, Flowers
  • Location: Dracaena trees

H37, one of the Once Human Deviants, a small electronic device with a smiling face.


  • Type: Gadget
  • Capabilities: Explorer
  • Mood Boosters: Music, Toy, 10W power
  • Location: Complete main story

Wish Machine

  • Type: Unknown
  • Capabilities: Unknown
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Greywater camp

Electric Eel, one of the Once Human Deviants, a snake-like creature made from metal, with electrical sparks between it's body parts.

Electric Eel

  • Type: Territory
  • Capabilities: Electricity Fluctuations
  • Mood Boosters: Blue Light, Music, High Temperature
  • Location: Docks near Meyer’s Market


  • Type: Unknown
  • Capabilities: Unknown
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown

Gadgets Deviants


  • Type: Gadget
  • Capabilities: Living Armor
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Gaia Cliff Monolith


  • Type: Whim
  • Capabilities: Dreamcatcher
  • Mood Boosters: Blue Light, Music volume, Flowers
  • Location: Mirage Monolith

Atomic Lighter

  • Type: Tacical Item
  • Capabilities: Uncontrollable Fusion Lighter
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Securement Silo EX1

Pup Buddy

  • Type: Gadget
  • Capabilities: Unknown
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown

Disco Ball

  • Type: Whim
  • Capabilities: Utter Delight
  • Mood Boosters: Green Light, Blue Light, Red Light
  • Location: Dayton Wetlands

Frog the Leaper

  • Type: Whim
  • Capabilities: Spring Legs
  • Mood Boosters: Toy, 2W power
  • Location: Dayton Wetlands

A gingerbread house, one of the Once Human Deviants.

Gingerbread House

  • Type: Tactical Item
  • Capabilities: Morph Crumbs
  • Mood Boosters: Red Light, Crops, High Temperature
  • Location: Southwest of Greywater Camp


  • Type: Food
  • Capabilities: Homemade Noodles
  • Mood Boosters: Crops, Flower
  • Location: West of Hearst Industries

Space Turner

  • Type: Gadget
  • Capabilities: Space Twister
  • Mood Boosters: Blue Light, Toy
  • Location: Iron River

Masonic Pyramid

  • Type: Gadget
  • Capabilities: Unknown
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown

Furniture Deviants

Wish Machine

  • Type: Furniture
  • Capabilities: Unknown
  • Mood Boosters: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown

With this list, you can now go and capture and utilize all Once Human Deviants and make your life that little but easier while everything else is, well, pretty challenging. Alongside your Deviants, you could probably use some other help, so get your friends involved with our guide to Once Human crossplay and redeem the latest Once Human codes for a boost in helpful resources.

Contributions by Paul Kelly