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How to farm in Once Human

If you're having trouble growing your crops or connecting your water system, here's everything you need to build a farm in Once Human.

The best Once Human farm

What is the best way to set up a Once Human farm? If you’re getting stuck into the latest survival game, but you’re struggling to find resources for energy, stamina, and those all important buffs, here’s how to set up the best Once Human farm.

Having an efficient farm in Once Human is key to growing your own ingredients to craft recipes that help buff your stats for when going up against Once Human bosses. Like most survival games, setting up a farm is fairly complicated and not something you’ll focus on when creating your initial base. It does, however, come in super handy once you’ve unlocked certain farming equipment, here’s everything you need to know.

Once Human Automated Irrigation

How to set up a Once Human farm

You can set up a farm once you’ve unlocked the water purifier, which you can use to manually water plants and crops. Your planters will need sun, so though you can get started manually watering plants, they’ll only be exposed to sunlight during the day, and won’t grow overnight, causing a delay in full growth.

Though this is fine initially, the best way to set up a farm is to unlock the irrigation systems and grow lights in the Memetics tree. You can unlock these once you’ve defeated the third boss. The irrigation system creates sprinklers that can be hooked up to electricity and water storage bins to cover a 360-degree radius, automatically watering your planters. These work best alongside grow lights, which can be hung above planter boxes to provide light overnight.

Once Human Grow Lights

When you’re planting anything, be sure to check its needs, you can do this by hovering over a seed once planted to see how much light and water it needs. The sprinklers and grow lights can be manually adjusted to meet the requirements for growth.

Once Human Buzzy Bee

Deviant crops

For some recipes you’ll need Deviant variations of a certain ingredient, such as Deviated Tomato, Onion, Mushroom, etc. To create deviated plants and crops, you need to capture Once Human Deviants that specialize in farming. The only Deviant currently in the game that is a farmer is Buzzy Bee.

It’s worth noting that Deviants have mood boosters such as being near flowers, plants, and having music played. So you’ll need to meet these mood boosters so they work efficiently.

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