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Once Human High Banks passcode

There’s a lockbox hidden in High Banks that needs a passcode to unlock, here’s where you can find it, and the code so you can get the loot.

Once Human passcode: a man standing in front of a cafe with his head in his hands.

What is the Once Human High Banks passcode? You’ll find many boxes on your travels in Once Human. Weapon caches, storage boxes, and even handbags are great places to find valuable loot, and occasionally absolute rubbish that can eventually be crafted into good gear. There’s a box in High Banks that requires a code to unlock, and we have the code so you don’t have to risk your life collecting clues the regular way.

The Once Human release date came and went without a hitch, and the free PC game is still seeing respectable numbers post-release. Players are clamoring for the best weapons, and the best Once Human Deviants so they can stake a claim on the dangerous island of Nalcott. If you want to be one of these players, you need to get as powerful as possible to seek and loot the containers scattered around outposts.

Once Human passcode: a man with a giant orange marker.

Once Human High Banks passcode

First things first: you’ll have to find the lockbox. It doesn’t appear unless you begin the mission near the town square, you’ll see a few glowing items in the visitor center. Collect these and you’ll be instructed to follow the volunteers.

The mission directs you to several locations around High Banks to collect the individual digits of the code. Thankfully, we know that the lockbox is in a café on the western edge of High Banks. Once you’re near, you should be able to see a box sitting on the counter. Dispatch any enemies inside the café and approach the counter.

The passcode to unlock the Once Human High Banks lockbox is 325. Use the code to open the box and abscond with your loot.

Now that you have the contents of the Once Human High Banks lockbox, it’s time to head back to your base and count your winnings. We have guides on Once Human farming so you can set up a sustainable operation, and also Once Human Twitch drops, because everyone loves a freebie.