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Does Once Human support private servers?

Once Human private servers would give players the ability to customize the game to their liking, but you’ll have to wait for this feature.

Does Once Human support private servers? While the idea of playing through constantly changing seasonal content sounds appealing to some, other players would rather relax in the confines of their own private world.

Now that the Once Human release date is finally here, players have been looking forward to getting into the survival game since the close beta tests ended. With Once Human seasons lasting around six weeks before the inevitable server wipe resets everyone’s progress, some players are worried that all the hard work they’ve put in will be wasted. This is the main reason why a large portion of the community wants Once Human private servers. Here’s what we know about private servers in Once Human so far and whether they’ll be available any time soon.

Does Once Human support private servers?

Currently, the answer is no. That said, Derek Qui, head of operations at Starry Studios, stated in an interview back in December 2023 that the developers are considering support for private servers after the game launches.

We should clarify that Qui only mentions that the developers are considering support and has not committed to anything concrete just yet. Here’s what Qui said in the Once Human livestream about private servers: “After we’ve gone online, this will be one of our major priorities for us to tackle. You guys could have your own PvP server, your own PvE server, it is possible. I would say nothing is impossible at Starry Studios because we have a very strong dev team. It’s not swagging, it’s not bragging, it’s the truth.”

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Qui goes on to say that unlike a lot of the studios acquired by NetEase, the majority of the power is held by the top three at Starry Studios. This allows the developers to implement any of the changes that players suggest, so something as big as allowing private servers can be considered without being shut down by any higher ups.

The trouble with supporting private servers is that it puts a lot of power in the hands of the player, and that might not align with the way that Starry Studios plans to make money. As a free PC game, the only way the developer earns money is when people purchase the battle pass and other in-game items. Unless Starry Studios severely locks down the settings players typically have when creating their own servers, it seems unlikely that Once Human private servers can exist in the way that the community wants them to. Of course, we don’t know what Starry Studios has planned for the future, so there’s a chance the battle pass and other in-game purchases can co-exist with private servers.

That’s all there is to know about Once Human private servers for now, but stay tuned as we’ll update this guide once more information becomes available. While you’re here, don’t forget to read our multiplayer game guide to find more experiences like this one. We also have a list of the best farming games if you want to create your own space that won’t be wiped after six weeks.