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When is Once Human coming out? PC release times

Here are the PC release times in every region for Once Human, the Starry Studios survival game that's shot right up the Steam charts.

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What are the Once Human launch times? As Steam’s next colossal survival game approaches, we’re all eager to know exactly when we can drop into the creative sandbox. With Palworld, Enshrouded, Soulmask, and many others already proving that the genre is having an exceptional year, the second-most wishlisted game on Steam is going to add to the hot streak.

The Once Human release date is right around the corner. Behind only Hollow Knight: Silksong in Steam wishlists, the recent demo during Steam Next Fest was so popular that NetEase hit the ‘triple crown.’ That’s the most wishlists, most demo players, and biggest trend of upcoming games during SNF.

Set in a bizarre post-apocalypse overrun with the alien chemical Stardust, Once Human is a little bit of everything. It’s part survival game, part multiplayer city builder, part farming sim, and part FPS. The focus is on complete player freedom in an online sandbox, but it also happens to have dangerous bio-chemical monsters that come for you during the night.

Once Human release times

On PC, the Once Human release times are set for 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm BST on Tuesday July 9, and 8am AEDT on Wednesday July 9.

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Developer Starry Studio recommends you free up 70 GB of space on your PC, so there are a few days to delete some old Steam games and tidy up your files.

Once Human is set to be massive, and that’s in no small part due to how well Starry Studio keeps listening to feedback, as we found out during our GDC interview.

“Once Human is continuously developed based on player feedback. So, for example, players said they wanted fishing, so we gave them fishing. It’s meant to be a huge combination of players’ wishes.”

Once Human isn’t all you need to keep an eye on this year, as there are plenty of new PC games and upcoming PC games to watch – just keep an eye on that backlog as well.

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