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Once Human server status - is Once Human down?

Before you get to work ridding the island of the cosmic horrors within, you’ll have to know if the Once Human servers are up and running.

Once Human server status: two figures with television sets for heads and gleeful expressions stand in front of a blue background

Are the Once Human servers down? You can achieve a lot in Once Human if you have the right mindset: building a home – a safe space – is paramount. The eldritch monstrosities are closing in from all sides, and having a place away from the weirdness is vital. The one thing you can’t fight, though, are the Once Human servers. If they’re down, then you’re stuck twiddling your thumbs until the issue is resolved.

The Once Human release date is upon us, and the free PC game appears to be running smoothly, with only a few minor hiccups at launch. We’ve created this page to show you the Once Human server status, so you can figure out whether any connection issues you have are yours, or server-side.

Once Human server status: a ramshackle base built on the flatbed of a truck.

Once Human server status

The Once Human servers are currently online. None of the worlds are especially crowded right now, so not only are they all online, but very few will make you wait to join.

If you’re having issues logging onto the Once Human servers, but everything appears to be online, it may be an issue on your end. Always ensure you check your internet connection and your ISP’s current status, with a router restart as the next step if those check out.

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