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When is the next Once Human server wipe?

Find out when the next Once Human server wipe is due to occur and how server wipes work, including what you'll lose ahead of the new season.

An avatar of the player character, notable for her pink hair and hererochromia, steels herself against a Once Human server wipe.

When is the next Once Human server wipe? Losing all your in-game progress can be a difficult pill to swallow, but in a seasonal live-service survival game like Once Human, it’s a necessary evil to make way for new content. The best way to ahead of a server wipe is to be prepared and keep an eye on the calendar so it doesn’t come as a nasty shock when the season rolls over.

Thankfully, we can tell you exactly when to expect the next Once Human server wipe, and offer some handy tips on how to save some of your hard-won items in the free PC game. Each Once Human server has a seasonal scenario that offers specific objectives and mechanics that lasts for a certain period of time. The Once Human server wipe frequency varies from season to season, and developer Starry Studio has hinted at possible permanent scenarios in the future. For now, here’s how Once Human server wipes work and when to expect the next one.

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When is the next Once Human wipe?

We expect the next Once Human server wipe to occur on Tuesday, August 20, 2024. The current season scenario is “six weeks in length” according to Starry Studio, and this date falls exactly 42 days after the launch of season one.

Starry Studio confirmed Once Human server wipes in a dev blog back in May, saying that “every season introduces a fresh journey where you start anew and experience exclusive seasonal content within a fixed timeframe.

Server wipes often coincide with maintenance as the developers prepare for a new season, so check out the Once Human server status if you have trouble getting back in after the wipe. We anticipate Starry Studio to ameliorate player disruption with Once Human server queue compensation.

Eternaland, the place to save your items from a Once Human server wipe, represented as a utopian realm beyond time and space.

How do Once Human server wipes work?

In a Once Human server wipe, you will automatically lose your character, weapons, armor, and resources. Everything you’ve crafted and built within the open-world game’s map will also be erased.

Thankfully, Starry Studio has provided some clarification that players will not lose their in-game progress. “We value the time and effort you put into this game, so the items and gear you have obtained from the seasonal scenario will be retained in various ways,” they say in a Steam news update.

Here is what you will keep after a Once Human server wipe:

  • Currency: Starchroms, Crystgins, Mitsuko’s Marks, Stellar Planula, Sproutlets
  • Gear: Gear blueprints, blueprint fragments, weapon accessories, and mods
  • Furniture: Furniture formulas
  • Character: Cosmetics, expressions, poses, and namecards
  • Building: House blueprints
  • Content: Main story and side story task progress
  • Account: Friends list

It’s also possible to save items from a Once Human server wipe by transferring them to Eternaland, a “home” realm unique to each player. “Essential resources like materials, medicine, and ammunition can be carried over into a new season based on item transferring rules so you can progress faster in the new season,” Starry Studio confirms.

Transferring items costs Material Points, and the amount required varies depending on item type. Thankfully, Material Points refresh each season, so don’t hesitate to spend them all if needed.

A seasonal wipe might come as a blow after weeks spent building your character, but don’t despair – the developer promises “new stories, events, and mechanics” to tackle. We expect the latest seasonal content to present new challenges and Once Human bosses, which demand new abilities, weapons, and deviants to overcome them. You can sign up for the next scenario at the culmination of each season.

Now you’re all prepared for the next Once Human server wipe, keep up with the latest Once Human codes to hit the ground running in the free MMO’s latest season. We’ve also got everything you need to know about Once Human crossplay, so you can stay connected with pals in the post-apocalypse.