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Once Human is dominating Steam, and it’s not even out yet

NetEase is celebrating the success of survival game Once Human during Steam Next Fest, as it's quickly become a highly anticipated game.

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Once Human is a survival game with a little bit of everything. A sci-fi multiplayer FPS set in a post-apocalyptic world, you build your own weapons and farmstead, engage in massive battles with other players and NPCs, and even create user-generated content for others to enjoy. This premise is one a lot of players have latched onto, as publisher NetEase is celebrating just how well the Steam Next Fest demo has done.

Once Human is so popular that it got the ‘Triple Crown’ on Steam, hitting the number one ranking for most wishlists, the biggest trending upcoming game, and the most daily active demo players in the same 24-hour period. Hollow Knight: Silksong has once again overtaken it with the most wishlists, but Once Human was easily the biggest demo during the June Steam Next Fest event.

With 300,000 users worldwide, the open-world survival game is already giving itself quite the playerbase to work with. Before the Once Human release date even arrives, it already has 15 million pre-registrations after it was shown off at Summer Game Fest, and within two hours of the demo going live NetEase says the game had 80,000 concurrent views on Twitch. Note that those pre-registrations likely include mobile sign-ups.

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With an incredibly unique aesthetic, where the fictional Stardust material infects every living thing to create new life, it’s no surprise to see Once Human do so well. It’s bright, colorful, and has a massive focus on community where everyone can build settlements and create together.

If 2024 continues to prove anything to us, it’s that surprises can come from anywhere and look like anything. Palworld is another survival game that took the world by storm at the start of the year, with Soulmask also dropping with a bang, and Once Human looks poised to do the same. It’s also coming to mobile via iOS and Android, so the install base goes well past just Steam.

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Once Human isn’t all you need to keep an eye on in 2024, which is why we’ve got a breakdown of all the upcoming PC games to watch, and the new PC games to play as well.

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