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All Once Human Twitch drops and how to claim

Once Human Twitch drops give you a boost with valuable in-game resources or just improve your look and armor level with cool new gear.

A player characters wears one of the Once Human Twitch rewards.

What are the Once Human Twitch drops? With Twitch drops, you can get some free in-game items for your favorite games just by watching people stream it. With these Once Human Twitch drops, loads of exclusive cosmetics items are up for grabs.

In Once Human, even the shoddiest of clothes provide a slight buff to your armor, but if you want to upgrade your rustic cap for something a little nicer in the survival game, then these Once Human Twitch drops have you covered – literally. You might want to upgrade to something a little more protective when you go against the powerful Once Human bosses, but these will serve you well in the meantime.

The five rewards available via Once Human Twitch drops July 2024.

When are Once Human Twitch drops live?

Once Human Twitch drops are live now, celebrating the launch of the survival game, and run until August 4, 2024, at 9pm PDT and August 5 at 12am EDT, 8am BST.

These Twitch drops launched as the game went live on July 9, 2024, the perfect time to tune in and check out the action, as you yourself get used to the game. If you want to get some tips or help, or simply want to step away from the game for a while, there’s now an even better excuse to tune into Once Human Twitch streamers.

All Once Human Twitch drops rewards

The current Once Human Twitch drops are:

Reward Required watch time
Thumb Up weapon charm One hour
Autumn Splendor shoes Two hours
Mayfly Cap Four hours
Autumn Splendor bottoms Six hours
Autumn Splendor top Eight hours

The watch time is quite high on this one, but you are rewarded with some pretty nice clothes which, aside from making you stand out among the standard early game gear, provides some minimal protection.

The screen on which to login to your Twitch account to claim Once Human Twitch drops.

How to claim Once Human Twitch drops

To claim and use your Once Human Twitch drops:

  • Create or login to a Once Human account by clicking “Link Now” here
  • Select your server
    • If you don’t know which server you are on, you can click ‘Exit Game’ and then ‘Re-login’ to see your server on the launch menu. If you are playing on multiple servers, choose the one you wish to use your Twitch drops on.
  • Enter your User ID
    • To find your User ID, go to the main menu in-game and click on ‘Profile’ in the top right-hand corner. You User ID is the long number above your username.
  • Confirm your choices if the correct user names is shown, then click ‘Link’
  • Click ‘Connect with Twitch’ and login and authorize access to your Twitch account
  • Now, once you’ve watched enough participating streamers, you can claim your items in the Twitch Inventory, and they will show up on the now linked account.

With these Once Human Twitch drops, you can help protect yourself from your harsh surroundings, but you could also utilize some Once Human Deviations for the same purpose. And, for more freebies in the zombie game, be sure to redeem the latest Once Human codes to get you even further.