Valve invite the developer of military VR shooter Onward to work at their offices


Downpour, the developers of Onward, an early access military shooter built for VR, have been invited to carry on their work from the offices at Valve, presumably where they’ll be helped along by Gabe Newell’s army of tech experts. 

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“The past few months have been amazing,” says the developer in a Steam update. “Onward has grown a lot since August 30, and will continue to progress even more in 2017! I’m very thankful for such a great community, as well as your patience with me being a single dev.

“I do have one big announcement for you today: Valve have invited me to work on Onward at their offices in January, this means that many more awesome developments are coming in Onward’s future!”

The current pace of patches and updates is planned to continue, but now Downpour will have Valve’s backing. Valve were clearly impressed with what Onward has achieved already in Early Access.

I wouldn’t be surprised if their customer reviews system flagged the game up, what with it only having 75 negative reviews out of 1,048 at the time of writing. While it might not have the biggest audience, thanks to the VR barrier, it’s clearly doing things right with the community, even at this early stage.

We recently covered Onward because of its height restriction – a byproduct of wanting to create a fair play space in VR.