Oops, Turbine forgets to renew Dungeons & Dragons Online’s domain for an entire weekend


Remember Dungeons & Dragons Online? Well for two days Turbine didn’t. In a bout of Home Alone style forgetfulness, the game’s creator and dutiful overseer neglected to hit the big renew button on the MMO’s domain name, meaning any browsers pointed at www.ddo.com simply span off into a perilous internet void. This had the semi-disastrous and schadenfreudy side effect of breaking the six year old game’s launcher for a weekend. Oh Turbine, you silly sausages.

The broken domain namewas spotted by MMORPG.com forumite Rumbarr, who noted that Turbine have now woken upand renewed DDO.com until June 2013. The thread also contains a helpful solution for anybody looking to fix their launcher to point directly to the DDO server.

To be fair to Turbine, this was a domain registered in 2004, back when the year2012 seemed like an impossibly futuristic Olympicwonderland. Sowe’ll forgive them for thinking that perhaps the world should have stopped spinning by now, or that their now free-to-play MMO might have retired to the big server in the sky.Besides, those auto-renew buttons can be quite tricky to find.