Orcs Must Die 3 is out now and free with Stadia Pro

The timed Stadia exclusive Orcs Must Die 3 is now available, free for new subscribers

Orcs Must Die 3 is out right now on Stadia, and if you haven’t tried out Google’s streaming service yet, it’ll be free. OMD3 is included as part of the Stadia Pro subscription, which offers a one-month free trial to new users – that should be plenty of time for you to play through the game, kill a whole lot of orcs, and unlock a whole heap of skulls, if you’re so inclined.

A Stadia Pro subscription offers access to a selection of free games – including Orcs Must Die 3 – once you’ve claimed a given title, it will remain in your library for as long as you’re a subscriber. New subscribers get a one-month free trial for Pro, and it costs $9.99 / £8.99 per month thereafter.

It takes about “12 to 15 hours for average players” to beat the campaign, as lead designer Jerome Jones tells us in our Orcs Must Die 3 gameplay interview, so that month-long free trial will be plenty of time to see what the game has to offer. And it’ll be a solid chance for Stadia sceptics – myself included – to see what the service has to offer with a game that’s not yet available elsewhere.

Check out the new OMD3 trailer below.

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OMD3’s Stadia exclusivity is for a limited time, so you can still count it among upcoming PC games for now. There’s no word yet on when it’ll arrive on other platforms, but both Google and developer Robot Entertainment are certainly keen for you to give it a shot in the meantime.