Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition comes with new areas, story, abilities and more

Ori Definitive Edition

Hardcore platformer Ori and the Blind Forest is to get a definitive edition that includes some story DLC in just over a week on March 11th. It includes a new area, Black Root Burrows, that explores the past of one of the game’s central characters. This also means new abilities to uncover, which are balanced to operate in the framework of the original game, and puzzles which exploit them.

It’s turning into a definitive year, just look at the great entries in our best games of 2016 list.

There’s also a number of other changes and quality of life improvements. New difficulty levels allow for a scaling back if you had problems with the first game, or a hard mode for those that prefer an even tougher challenge. Moon Studios have also added a one-life mode for the real pain-addicts among you. Definitive Edition’s normal mode is identical to the original game, however.

There’s going to be more behind the scenes bits and pieces in an expanded theatre mode, showing off concept art, trailers and more. It also lets you view all the cut-scenes present in the game. Definitive Edition is integrating with the Xbox One ‘ecosystem’ meaning cross-saves are available.

If you own the original game, the upgrade can be purchased for a “small fee” according to the devs on Twitter. They’re pitching it as essentially paying for the DLC areas and getting all the other upgrade bits for ‘free.’ No word on pricing yet, but it will be coming to Steam as well as the Windows store. Some more details over in the official post on the Xbox blog, with release coming on March 11th.