Ori and the Blind Forest to get a “definitive edition” on PC

Ori and the Blind Forest definitive edition

Charming and challenging platformer Ori and the Blind Forest is getting a definitive edition on PC. It will include lots of lovely new content and, thankfully, some difficulty tweaks.

Speaking to Game Informer, Ori’s director, Thomas Mahler explained, “We wanted to do the Definitive Edition of Ori, because while we made a LOT of people happy, there were some outcries we heard from fans regarding some things and we just want to be known for making the absolute best games for our fans out there. We really went back, added more content, fixed ALL the things people have been asking for (not talking about bugs here, but actual design and content feedback) and we just want to give back and make it the perfect experience for people who loved Ori and those who haven’t gotten to try it yet.”

While Moon Studios wasn’t specific on exactly how the difficulty will be toned down, a short exchange on Twitterconfirmed the fix.

Set for release this “holiday season” Ori and the Blind Forest’s Definitive Edition will be available as an upgrade to owners of the original version for a “very comfortable price” according to the company on Facebook.