Origin’s ringing out the year with one last big sale, including Battlefield 3 for less than £1

Origin New Year's Sale

I don’t know about you fine folks, but I’m all discounted out. These last few months have heaped cheap games on cheap games. I don’t even think I’ve bought many, it’s more like – insanely – the concept of sales has exhausted me, like a loud man bellowing in my ear all the time. “You can buy all of these things now, Fraser! Do it! Do it or I’ll hit you!”

Unfortunately, I am now holding a megaphone up to his mouth, because I’m informing you about Origin’s New Years Sale.  

There’s something ominous about it. “2014 is over,” EA tells us. “But the deals are not.” And it’s got me thinking… what if they never end? What if that’s just how the world will be from now on. We’ll need to start discounting the constant discounts, because they’ll become the norm. And before you know it, currency will be meaningless, and we’ll all be fighting in Thunderdome-style arenas. Cannibalism will also probably be involved.

Anyway, on to the discounts!

Battlefield for 74p. That’s a bit ludicrous, really. Less than a pound. Just look down the back of the sofa.

The Sims 4 is also going cheap. The normally excessive price tag of £49.99 has been knocked down to £24.99. And it’s a good time, is The Sims. Now that it’s had a couple of free updates, it’s got some meat on its bones.

Crysis 3 is £4.99, which ain’t bad for what is, admittedly, not the series’ high point. If nothing else, you can use it as a benchmarking tool.

It’s a really long list of deals, so take a gander.