ORION: Prelude, the “worst game of all time”, celebrates three years of support in praise-filled trailer

Orion Prelude worst game ever

“In 2012 we released one of the worst games of all time” states the opening of this new trailer for ORON: Prelude, the dinosaur-infested multiplayer game from TREK Industries. The trailer goes on to proudly display terrible reviews from a variety of big-name games sites. Quite an odd way to sell your game, TREK…

But then comes the punch line. Since 2012 TREK have been supporting their game with free updates. And in the last three years, ORION: Prelude has finally become something that gets them flooded with hundreds of positive Steam reviews.

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If you’re suddenly desperate to play the worst/best game on Steam, doing so will cost you simply a single dollar. Are you willing to part with such a price in exchange for shooting rampaging dinosaurs with your pals?