Long-in-development MMO Otherland enters Steam Early Access August 26th | PCGamesN

Long-in-development MMO Otherland enters Steam Early Access August 26th

Otherland has been in development for approximately forever. It's older than the great ship PCGamesN herself. A quick google indicates news posts first popping up across the digisphere in 2008, calling it a beautiful neon MMORPG. It's been through at least one total reboot since then and a total change of developers, with two seperate beta phases. A closed beta for the latest edition has been running since late last year, but now it's ready to go into open, paid-for Early Access on Steam.

The final version should be hitting in early 2016 as Otherland is, apparently, "one of the most advanced titles on the service, a far cry from the Pre-Alpha Versions often put up for sale." It's based on a series of novels by author Tad Williams about commonly available virtual reality technology towards the end of the 21st century.

There's a lot of information available on the Steam listing, but here's some of the highlights:

  • A combat system that attempts to "feel more like an fighting in an action game than in a classic MMORPG"
  • Four classes, two melee, two ranged. They broadly fit in tank, two DPSers and healing, but each looks able to fill a variety of roles.
  • A wide range of customisation options when it comes to looks. 
  • Player housing within a large area of the map, where each player has their own unique space.

There's no word on price yet, but it definitely doesn't seem to be going the Free To Play route.

Thanks, Blue.

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Flappers avatarBen Barrett avatardrekfletch avatar
Flappers Avatar
2 Years ago

I remember trying this out years ago (I think around 2012?), when it was with gamigo. IIRC, you could only get to level 8 or something, and there was a virtual invisible wall to stop you from exploring further as the content wasn't there.

After months like that, there seemed to be absolutely no updates from the developers, and it shut down.

I thought it was completely dead.

Since it was so long ago, they've probably changed a lot. When I did play it, there were some major balance problems, and the gameflow felt really slow.

I hope they've improved it since then, and actually put a game behind all those cosmetics.

Also, there seems to be a grammatical error:

"An combat system that attempts..."

Ben Barrett Avatar
2 Years ago

fix't, editing artifact

yeah, it's completely moved developers and been rebuilt, I think, but I expect they didn't scrap a lot of the art because it's reusable and expensive

drekfletch Avatar
drekfletch(22 minutes played)
2 Years ago

There's a couple playthroughs from the earlier closed betas on youtube.