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Ed McMillen’s new game is Ouroboros, “like if you took Mega Man and tossed him out of a moving car”


The creator of The Binding of Isaac is back up to his usual tricks and has finally given his new game a name, brief description and genre. Ouroboros, stylised Øuroboros, is an action shooter-platformer in the style of Mega Man, with the random level generation of Spelunky or McMillen’s own Isaac only, well, super-weird.

Another one for the list of the best indie games, perhaps?

McMillen’sown descriptionis somewhat lengthier and gets into the nitty-gritty of what it means to break the speed of light, or something. I promise you it is not particularly descriptive of the game, likely because between the footage that’s been shown and the basic descriptor there isn’t a lot else to see – he just needs to turn it into something we can play now.

While the main character is taken from a previous game, Time Fcuk, it’s not a sequel, not even sharing the puzzle elements of that game. McMillen doesn’t know when it will be ready, but other than the famously put on hold Mewgenics, it’s usually not long between announcement and release for McMillen. The next bit of Isaac, Afterbirth+, is likely to arrive first, however.