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Outlast 2 release date reconfirmed and other details announced


Outlast 2 has been hovering in the periphery zone of ‘announced, but god knows what it’s actually about’ for some time. Red Barrels’ sequel to their debut hit has a sizable fanbase of players chomping at the bit/flesh of each other to know more, and finally they seem ready to let some things slip. As well as reconfirming that they’re still aiming for a fall release date, between Twitter and speaking to Polygon they’ve announced some bits about the setting and timeline.

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Most notable are those two tidbits. As was implied by the teaser trailer released last year, the second iteration will not be set within the Mount Massive complex, or indeed any asylum. It’s also going to be some time after the first game, in accordance with the Whistleblower DLC.

I’m a big fan of the first game, but it was limited in how much it could do by setting and, it’s now been said, time. In Polygon’s preview of 2016’s creepiest games, they quotePhilippe Morin, president at Red Barrels, talking about how much more they can do this go round:

“We’re in full control of what we ship and when we ship it. For the first Outlast, we were in a rush to release the game before running out of money. Because more than 3.5 million players have played the first game, we’re now in a position to make decisions based on our ambitions.”

How that will be realised is yet to be seen, but I’d be willing to bet on larger, more open and outside areas based on the teaser trailer and images we’ve seen so far. The camera motif is clearly returning, as one of the game’s cleverest tricks and the defining element of what is now a franchise, so hopefully that found footage feel operates in open fields as well as it did in claustrophobic buildings.

We’ll find out towards the end of the year, as Red Barrels also confirmed on Twitter than Fall 2016 is still their release target. While they are operating independently, hopefully they pop up at a trade-show or elsewhere to tell, and show, us more.