Outriders classes: the best paths to pick in Enoch

Classes are called paths in-game, here’s what each of them are and what they do

Outriders classes

Choosing your Outriders class is one of the first decisions you’ll need to make after you complete the prologue. In People Can Fly’s new sci-fi shooter they’re called Outriders paths, and present you with an ability set that you’ll be using for the rest of the game. Best pick wisely, then.

Each of the Outriders paths fulfil a different archetype. The Trickster is well-versed in teleportation and assassination, while the Pyromancer is a fire loving mage that, well, sets things ablaze. As we explain in our Outriders gameplay impressions, each of them come with a set of abilities that synergise with each other quite nicely. Each class also works well together, during our gameplay session we found inflicting stasis as a Trickster sets up a Pyromancer to use their fire strike. So each path should suit you if you want to play alone, or with a group of friends.

In this Outriders classes guide we’ll go over their abilities, unique healing traits, and advise you which is the best Outriders class. Now that’s out of the way, read on to find out more about Outriders paths and the what we think the best Outriders path is.

Outriders classes

The Outriders classes are:

  • Pyromancer
  • Trickster
  • Devastator
  • Technomancer

The Pyromancer in Outriders


Pyromancer skills

  • Thermal Bomb – inflict burn and knockback on an enemy, killing them causes them to explode
  • Ash Blast – an area of effect attack that inflicts ash on anyone caught in it
  • Heatwave – launch a fire strike that incinerates anyone in front of you
  • Healing – recover health when foes marked by your skills are killed

This fiery Outriders path is built to excel at medium ranges. The Pyromancer’s skills involve setting foes ablaze and rendering them immobile, which is handy as killing enemies that you’ve marked restores your health.

The Trickster path in Outriders


Trickster skills

  • Temporal Slice – attack an enemy and inflict slow upon them
  • Slow Trap – an area of effect attack that inflicts slow on enemies and projectiles
  • Hunt the Prey – teleport behind a chosen foe and get a shield bonus
  • Healing – killing enemies at close range will restore your health and extend the duration of your shields

For those who enjoy the assassin-role, or who main Wraith in Apex Legends. The Trickster is all about teleporting behind bandits and doing rapid burst damage. Killing enemies close to you restores your health – comes in handy.

The Devastator path in Outriders


Devastator skills

  • Earthquake – unleashes a shockwave that damages enemies and knocks them back
  • Golem – fortify yourself from incoming damage
  • Gravity Jump – leap into the air and pick a foe to pounce upon. Anyone close by gets hit with knockback
  • Healing – to get health back, simply be near enemies when they’re slain

The tank of the bunch, this one excels at taking damage and keeping themselves, or their teams, alive. You’ll unlock a fortify skill early on that encases yourself in rock armour, which demonstrates this nicely.


Technomancer skills

  • Fixing Wave – restore health to turrets and allies
  • Pain Launcher – creates a missile launcher that damages enemies
  • Tool of Destruction – rotate between a minigun and a rocket launcher
  • Cold Snap – inflicts freeze on enemies
  • Blighted Turret – fills equipped weapon with decay infused bullets
  • Healing – you recover a portion of the damage you deal as health

A long-range support class ideal for solo players or healers, specialising in decay and elemental damage, as well as machinery and healing for devices and other players.

Outriders stumbling through Enoch

Outriders best class


The best Outriders class is the Trickster. This path’s first three abilities synergise together wonderfully, allowing you to hop in and inflict stasis on everyone. You can either follow up with some shotgun skills, or allow your team to do your dirty work. This Outriders path is also bloomin’ cool.

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