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Outriders is free to try on Steam right now

You can hop in and play sci-fi looter-shooter Outriders for free for the next few days on Steam in the leadup to the release of the Worldslayer DLC June 30

Outriders free on Steam: A hulking soldier in a skull mask readies a minigun in Outriders.

Outriders is gearing up for its first big DLC release, and that means the base game is free to play for the next couple of days. From June 20-23, you can play Outriders completely free on Steam, and take advantage of a steep discount if you decide to stick around for the launch of the co-op game’s upcoming Worldslayer expansion.

Outriders casts you as an Altered, someone touched by the mysterious and dangerous energy that swirls around an alien world where humanity is hoping to get a second chance. In game terms, that means that in addition to a wide variety of futuristic firearms, you can also bring a devastating array of space magic to the fight. Pyromancers can cause volcanic eruptions under the feet of their foes, whilst Tricksters can bend time itself and lift their foes into the air.

Worldslayer adds a bevy of new endgame content, including the new apocalypse difficulty tiers that will challenge even the hardiest of Altered builds.

Here’s the trailer for the free-play session:

YouTube Thumbnail

If you enjoy the trial, you can pick up the base game on Steam for 45% off the usual sale price during the promotion.

You can also find Outriders available on PC Game Pass if you’re a subscriber.