Outriders’ inventory restoration is finally underway

Square Enix is focusing on those who have been affected the worst

Three Outriders players lining up

You should start to notice some of your lost loot coming back to you in Outriders if you were affected by one of the game's nasty loot-wiping bugs. Square Enix has taken to Reddit to let players know that the game's inventory restoration is now rolling out.

Right now, the publisher is focusing on players it has put into Group A. That's people who encountered a wipe and are no longer able to log in, which may be you if you're getting a “couldn't connect to server” error message. The process takes a while, so keep checking back if you haven't got your stuff back yet.

You should get all the items you had equipped at the time of your inventory wipe back, regardless of rarity. That means all the legendary items in your inventory alongside the 20 previously acquired non-legendary items you had on you. Square Enix explains that it's prioritising those 20 items on descending Epic rarity and the date you got them. Square Enix will also restore all of your fully completed accolades if you reached the final tier of them.

The publisher warns that it might not be able to restore everything you’ve lost and that it will hold items server side if you don’t have room in your inventory. Once the publisher is happy with the restoration effort, it’ll move on to Group B. If you lost items but can still play the game, that’s you.

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