Outriders leveling guide – how to level up fast

How to get to max level as quickly as possible

Three Outriders classes posing as the ground blazes

Looking for an Outriders leveling guide? The looter shooter from People Can Fly has exploded in popularity, quickly becoming a Steam best seller. If you’re only just starting out in Enoch and want to catch up fast, here’s how to do it.

The Outriders max level is 30 – at least for the moment. Once you’ve reached that level cap, you still won’t be maxing your potential – that’s when it’s time to start increasing your Outriders world tier in order to gather more powerful loot, and perhaps even find some Outriders legendary weapons or legendary armor.

Increasing your world tier upgrades enemies accordingly, so if you’re level 30 at world tier 15, you’ll be fighting level 45 foes. Don’t worry about increasing your world tier while you’re still leveling up, though – there are easy ways to increase your Outriders world tier quickly once you’ve reached the level cap, which we’ll explain below, too. So without further ado, here are a few tips to get you to max level in Outriders as quickly as possible.

How to reach Level 30 quickly in Outriders

The Outriders world tier menu, on level 4

Lower your world tier

It may sound counterintuitive, but you’re better off farming experience in lower world tiers. Higher world tiers don’t have much of an impact on leveling speed; while the enemies’ levels do increase, and thus give you slightly more XP for killing them, they’re also much harder to kill. A lower world tier means easier and faster farming – dial it down, then blast through baddies with wild abandon.

A skill tree in Outriders

Optimise your build

It’s going to be a lot harder to kill enemies and gain XP if your build isn’t up to the job. Fortunately, we’ve got guides for all the Outriders classes – here are the best Devastator builds, the best Pyromancer builds, the best Technomancer builds, and the best Trickster builds.

Complete quests

Completing quests affords you much more experience than simply killing foes. Playing through the story should leave you a few levels shy of 30, and completing a few side quests along the way will definitely get you there well before the story finishes. Wanted/Hunted quests offer substantial rewards.

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Outriders experience farming locations

However, if you don’t want to progress any further in the story but still want to increase your level, replaying certain missions is a good way to farm XP. In the YouTube video above, JorRaptor explains that the ‘Trench Town’ mission at the ‘Push back the Insurgents’ story point is a great farming opportunity, thanks to the waves of enemies you’ll face.

How to level up your Outriders world tier quickly

Once you’ve reached level 30, it’s time to dial up the difficulty. The key to leveling up your Outriders world tier is killing enemies in a safe, controlled manner – whenever you die, you lose progress.

JorRaptor recommends that you play the ‘Reach the other side of the river’ story point in First City, as this spawns you close to groups of relatively easy enemies. There are plenty of other world tier farming locations, too, but we’ve seen this one frequently recommended.

Now you’re ready for the Outriders endgame – check out our guide for an explanation of expeditions. If you find yourself in need of Outriders titanium, we’ve got some tips for you.