Nvidia users can pause Outriders, because online-only single-player is dumb

Please just let solo players pause like normal, Outriders

Three outriders on Enoch

You don’t need me to remind you that online-only single-player is dumb and such restrictions are completely arbitrary, but Outriders has gone and provided an incredible reminder of just that thing. Normally, you can’t pause Outriders when you’re playing solo, because hey, it’s an online game, right? But if you’re on PC and have an Nvidia GPU, you can put the action on hold whenever you need to.

All Nvidia users have to do is hit Alt-F2 while playing to activate Ansel, as Reddit user Aced-Bread has discovered (via PC Gamer). Ansel is essentially Nvidia’s cross-game photo mode, and just like any good photo mode, it freezes the action to let you fly the camera around and take pictures. In other words, it pauses the game.

You can’t just use this to annoy teammates when you’re playing online, either. You can still activate Ansel while you’re in a co-op session, but the action will continue as normal while it’s active. You know, because it’s a multiplayer session, where you shouldn’t be able to pause, as opposed to a single-player mission, where you should.

Outriders’ server problems over the past few days have started to get better, but that’s been another unfortunate reminder of the cost connected gaming has had for solo play.

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Even with these issues in mind, Outriders has proven to be a hit – so check out our guides to the best Outriders mods or the Outriders classes if you’re looking for more.