Over $200 million has been pledged to Kickstarter games


While Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform for all manner of projects, it’s games that seem to get the most attention, accounting for over 20 percent of money pledged through the service.

The Kickstarter stats page breaks down all projects, revealing that pledges for games have reached a whopping $200.44 million dollars, overtaking the film and video category by almost $15 million, despite the fact that the number of projects sits at under 8,000 compared to film and video’s 31,795, meaning that individual game projects tend to be much larger.

That $200 million figure doesn’t take into account money pledged to unsuccessful projects. That total is still impressive, however, with successful pledges at $178.15, still putting it at the top.

Kickstarter’s success rate is 43.75 percent, but game projects are only successful 35.08 percent of the time, making them one of the riskier categories. Film and video is just shy of 40 percent, while dance and theatre projects are on average the most likely to be funded, though they also generate the smallest sums, along with pornography.

Cheers, Games Industry International.