Over-engineeering in Minecraft: the self-building house


My brain cannot handle even a simple Redstone circuit, so there’s a whole section of Minecraft that’s alien to me: machinery. Like attempting to speak a foreign language in a foreign country, I get shy and keep away from anything more than a static build and hope someone else will do it for me. I probably wouldn’t ask St3veAu, though: he does more than just engineer. He over-engineers.

He’s like Harrison Ford building the giant fridge in the jungle: he takes the simple, self-replicating mechanisms that people use to make a smoothstone generator and expand and adds. His goal: to make the game lag because he’s generating so much stone, and to end up with a house that self-builds and self-repairs, all set off with one switch.

160 generators generating 6000 stone per-minute. Can he do it?