Overclockers UK and Game team up to let you buy PC hardware on the high street, trade in games for graphics cards

Overclockers Game deal

Update 6 Jan, 2016: Overclockers just announced that they’re rolling out interactive displays in a further 8 Game stores nationwide. From 9th January, you’ll be able to pick up PC hardware from Game’s Stockton, Newcastle, Glasgow, Chester, Cardiff, Gloucester, Portsmouth, and Bournemouth branches.

Original story 4 Dec, 2015: It’s a good news day for anyone who’s ever tried to pop out to the shops to replace a nerfed RAM module, or browsed any given high street shop with even the faintest hope of finding a decent graphics card for less than 200% of the RRP. Those days are gone: online PC hardware specialists Overclockers UK and high street giant Game today announce a partnership that’ll put Overclockers’ components in Game stores, and Game’s digital content on Overclockers’ online store.

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The partnership will bring “an extensive range of exclusive gaming PCs, components and accessories” from Overclockers UK’s online store into Game’s high street shops, says a press release issued this morning. To my eyes, that puts Game in a field of precisely one. Show me a “gaming” machine available on the high street currently, and I’ll show you a workstation with a bundled Xbox One controller.

This also means you can trade in your old games and/or consoles in a Game store and put the proceeds towards some new PC kit. And, as the presser points out, “spread the cost with GAME Finance and earn 2% back on every purchase with the Game Reward scheme.”

The Game wallet will be integrated into Overclockers UK’s online store as part of the deal, so users will be able to spend their reward points there directly, or top-up and trade-in directly with Overclockers. Further down the road in 2016, Game will also be rolling out their digital content range on the Overclockers UK site.

However, it’s yet to be revealed how comprehensive the range of in-game PC hardware will be. Can I walk into a Game store and pick out everything I need to build a PC from scratch? A nerd can dream.

Basingstoke and Manchester’s Trafford Centre branches of Game will be the first to roll out the Overclockers gear, with more stores nationwide to follow in the coming weeks.In-store experts will apparently be on hand to offer a bit of tech support where needed.