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Overland first access round 3 begins - buy one of 1,000 keys now

Want to play Overland? You can get access to it now if you're one of the first thousand to head over to the official site and grab it for $20. It's a sort've early-early access period, and the third time they've done this. It comes with a trailer if you're not familiar with the game.

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It's to be distributed through itch.io and will use that platform for a number of exclusive features. Here's the list of what's to be available, direct from the site:

  • Play and stream Overland before anyone else
  • Content and gameplay updates every month
  • Automatic updates through the new itch.io client
  • Join the private developer forums on itch.io
  • Get every announcement first
  • Includes future support for Steam

The team also promise that there will be more secrets and surprises unveiled as things go forward. Here's the trailer:

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More to follow...

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

That did nothing for me. In fact, that's exactly what I dislike about video games today. Dull, tedious, annoying, stressful, and trying too hard to push the collies that have the melons. You know, the melon collies. Those collies. The unnecessarily sad and maudlin ones. Though I would perhaps be less sad if I had melons. I like melons.

Thing is? I play games for escapism, to get away from a Universe that tends to be like that. I play games to get away from fucking awful things like the EU referendum and how if it passes it may make being together with my partner impossible (hooray for xenophobia, stupidity, greed, and masses stupid enough to believe rich people). I find reality depressing.

I don't want a depressing reality in video games. I want crazy futurism! I want the Singularity! I want silliness! I want colour, and I want to see people who can actually be happy! I mean, isn't that the whole point of this kind of entertainment in the first place?

It's funny that DC comics has only recently figured this out with Rebirth. That no one wants superhero comics where all the 'heroes' are only heroes because they're out for some kind of revenge, where lasting friendships can't happen, and where superheroes aren't allowed to be truly happy. Taking the worst elements of Alan Moore's bitter hatreds and pushing them TO THE MAX. Not a fan.

That's why, as I might have said here before, the DC Rebirth thing felt like a meta-apology for being the very worst parts of the Watchmen. I was never a fan of Moore, anyway. His stuff is just too pessimistic for me and I suffer with clinical depression anyway. Sorry! I prefer Grant Morrison's upbeat, hopeful, if as trippy as balls stuff.

And this is what disappoints me about indies, sometimes. Pseudo-intellectuality and trying far, far, far too hard to look smart. The end result is that they not only look less smart for it, but also very insecure and lacking in confidence. That their games are actually just a reflection of that. And that disappoints me.

I like hopeful escapism. It doesn't have to be hope, in your face, all the time. But I do prefer things with a crescendo of happiness. I think the best example I could give is the handling of .hack//SIGN. It might have started off racked with sadness and fear but it actually got to the core of what's good about humanity, or at least the fictional humanity of their Universe.

I'm tired of feeling stressed, depressed, out of it, frustrated, and having the melon collies invited in by games like this. So... this one isn't for me. I actually had to stop the intro after I realised that they weren't going to pull a 'this game has none of that!' at the end of it.