Overland first access round 3 begins – buy one of 1,000 keys now


Want to play Overland? You can get access to it now if you’re one of the first thousand to head over to the official site and grab it for $20. It’s a sort’ve early-early access period, and the third time they’ve done this. It comes with a trailer if you’re not familiar with the game.

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It’s to be distributed through itch.io and will use that platform for a number of exclusive features. Here’s the list of what’s to be available, direct from the site:

  • Play and stream Overland before anyone else
  • Content and gameplay updates every month
  • Automatic updates through the new itch.io client
  • Join the private developer forums on itch.io
  • Get every announcement first
  • Includes future support for Steam

The team also promise that there will be more secrets and surprises unveiled as things go forward. Here’s the trailer:

Sound like your jam? Sign up on the official site.

More to follow…