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Reacquaint yourself with Overlord: Fellowship of Evil’s minions

Overlord minions video

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is a bit of a departure from the previous Overlord games, but it still has the minions. Well, of course it does. Removing them would be like taking the Pikmin out of Pikmin. Anyway! The minions have returned, but in case you don’t actually know what these wee beasties are, Codemasters have whipped up a primer.

Over on the Codemasters blog, the Overlord team have answered a few questions about the new game. Of particular note, there’s a bit about the very different direction of Fellowship of Evil.

“Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is a big change in some respects, but it’s also very faithful in others. This is the main reason we didn’t title it Overlord 3. We’ve never even used that name in the office. Once we knew the game was going to be a spinoff (pretty much day one) we realised that’s how the game needed to be.

“We needed to be true to things like Rhianna’s storytelling, the character of Gnarl (and getting Marc Silk in for the voice), the use of the minions (and that gameplay choice of deciding which to use and when) and the feel of playing as powerful evil characters.

“However, we also felt it was an opportunity to give fans something new and exciting; a new perspective, new characters, a new story and new features like co-op play.”

You can read the rest of the answers here.