How to play the Overwatch 2 beta

Find out how to play the Overwatch 2 PvP beta on PC when the second phase opens at the end of the month, including a way to get guaranteed access

Want to know how to play the Overwatch 2 beta? The second phase of the PvP beta is almost here, giving select players access to a brand new Overwatch 2 map, hero, and a chance to play the FPS game on consoles for the first time. Junker Queen is the latest Overwatch 2 hero to be revealed so far. Not much is known about the Queen of Junkertown’s abilities, but we do know that she’s the current ruler and champion of Junkertown’s infamous Scrapyard.

If you were selected to participate in the first Overwatch 2 beta, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have access to the latest event. We highly recommend signing up from June 16 to maximise your entry chances, although if you don’t want to test your luck there is another way. You will still need a account in good standing to be eligible.

Overwatch 2 PvP beta release date

The second phase of the Overwatch 2 beta begins on June 28. The first beta period ran from April 26 until May 17, which suggests the second beta could run until July 19.

You can sign up for the beta on the official Overwatch 2 website, although if you want you can instead purchase the Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack, which comes with guaranteed access to the upcoming beta (among many other things). Before you do anything, it’s worth checking out the Overwatch 2 beta system requirements to ensure that you can play the beta on your PC.

Overwatch 2 crossplay

It’s unclear whether the Overwatch 2 beta is going to feature crossplay between consoles and PC. Overwatch 1 currently features cross platform play between PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Overwatch 2 Reveal Event

More details about how to play the Overwatch 2 beta were revealed during the Overwatch 2 reveal event livestream on June 16. The stream showed Junker Queen’s full cinematic video, in addition to details about the game’s first two seasons when it launches in October.

With any luck, you can gain access to the second Overwatch 2 PvP beta. We’re still months away from the Overwatch 2 release date, but this should tide players over until the full game launches. Don’t forget to read our Overwatch 2 tier list to find out which heroes you should be picking.