Huge Overwatch 2 bug soars Sigma straight out of the game

A highly replicable Overwatch 2 bug has seen tank hero Sigma removed from the FPS multiplayer game’s competitive modes after giving him infinite flight.

Overwatch 2 Sigma bug - the Galactic Emperor mythic skin for the tank hero, a grey, gold, and red outfit in the style of a space commander

A huge Overwatch 2 bug has seen Sigma soar into the sky and straight out of the multiplayer game. This glitch, which is incredibly easy to replicate consistently, turns the tank hero into an always airborne barrage machine akin to an AC-130, hammering down damage endlessly from above. Forget Overwatch 2 – this “lore-accurate Sigma” turns the game into Minecraft creative mode.

“This is actually so evil and I love it,” laughs Overwatch 2 streamer ‘Flats’ as he tests out the bug, “there’s no way Sigma doesn’t get taken out, or this gets hotfixed immediately.” He was quite right, as this endless flight – unimpeded by sleep, stuns, or even hacks – has seen Sigma rapidly hauled out of all competitive play. Of course, while he might still be playable in casual modes, exploiting this will likely see you hit with a ban, so treat it as a curiosity.

Included in the Overwatch 2 midseason patch was a change that causes Sigma’s ult, Gravitic Flux, to automatically cast when the timer on it runs out. It’s a nice change to avoid the ult being accidentally wasted. However, it appears to be the root cause, as Flats discovers. By letting the ult run down naturally a single time and hitting enemies, Sigma becomes ‘primed’ for infinite flight.

After that, simply allowing your next ult – or any subsequent ones – to run out while you aren’t looking at a valid target, most easily achieved by looking straight up into the sky, will cause Sigma to be left in a mode where he’s stuck in his flying ult form. The caveat is that while you’re in the air you won’t gain ult charge or be able to use abilities. However, that’s a relatively small price to pay for the power of endless flight and airborne mobility, as he can even come down to the ground and then lift back up as he wishes.

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While testing this out in a private match, Overwatch 2 community manager Craig Simpson comes into the live stream, asking, “Now what are you trying to figure out?” Flats responds simply: “Oh, we found a game-breaking bug, Craig,” before bursting into laughter, “notice anything a little interesting?”

Just a few short hours later, action was taken. Game director Aaron Keller tweets, “Due to a bug caused by our recent patch, we’re disabling Sigma temporarily in competitive modes. We’ll provide an update as soon as we’re able.”

Tweet from Overwatch game director Aaron Keller: "Due to a bug caused by our recent patch, we’re disabling Sigma temporarily in competitive modes. We’ll provide an update as soon as we’re able."

With the hero featured as the current mythical skin in the Overwatch 2 season 4 battle pass, as well as being part of the ongoing Starwatch event, Blizzard will likely want him returned to action as soon as possible, so hopefully it’s a simple fix.

In the meantime, take a look at our Overwatch 2 tier list to find another hero to pick up from the vast roster of Overwatch 2 characters. With Sigma consistently a prime pick on certain Overwatch 2 maps, however, he might be a tough one to replace at times.