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Overwatch 2 Cassidy “rework” is a perfect, hilarious Mei counter

Blizzard shares a parody Overwatch 2 Cassidy rework for his Magnetic Grenade ability designed as the perfect Mei counter to end her reign of tyranny in the FPS.

Overwatch 2 Cassidy Mei counter - Mei recoils with a shocked expression

As Blizzard mulls over its Overwatch 2 Cassidy rework, the development team shares one potential idea targeted at the most tyrannical, divisive hero to ever grace the FPS game. Few Overwatch 2 characters split the hero shooter’s user base quite like the frosty face of Mei, and Blizzard has given her haters a glimpse of a more peaceful world thanks to a perfect Mei counter that’s as hilarious as it is ridiculous.

Players in Overwatch can largely be divided into two groups – those who feel a burning rage whenever they have to face a Mei on the enemy team, and those who take great delight in being that Mei and driving the opposing team to despair. If the mere sight and sound of the Chinese damage specialist and her cheerful quips gets your blood boiling, this latest update should provide at least a moment’s blissful relief.

“A player suggested we rework Cassidy’s Magnetic Grenade to find Mei anywhere on the map and immediately eliminate her,” the official Overwatch Twitter account explains, and it looks like Blizzard has done exactly that. Instead of its current form, where it travels a short distance when thrown but latches to nearby enemies, the grenade now instead hurls itself across the map towards the enemy Mei, affixing to her and immediately taking her out.

Overwatch’s commercial leader and Blizzard VP Jon Spector shares the inspiration, which comes from a post by a user called Nick Fields on an Overwatch Memes Facebook page. “We were unable to add the part where it uninstalls the game,” Spector laments, referring to Nick’s request that the grenade would also remove Overwatch from the Mei player’s system altogether, “but otherwise hope it’s everything Nick was thinking of.”

Of course, this is all a bit of fun – the Overwatch account is quick to note, “Obviously, we won’t be implementing this suggestion… but we couldn’t help but test it out to see what it looks like.” It certainly got a good laugh out of me and the PCGamesN news team, and it’s always fun to see these novelty suggestions implemented as a fun experiment. Given that the team has said it’s looking to add more utility to the grenade as part of Junkrat and Cassidy reworks, maybe this will give them some real ideas to work with.

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