Overwatch 2 coin debt glitch surprising players after purchases

An Overwatch 2 coin debt is confusing some of the FPS game's players, as they're being told they have a negative number of coins in the multiplayer game

Amid player concerns of skin prices in Blizzard’s new FPS game, some players are now reporting that they’re in Overwatch 2 coin debt and they don’t know why. With slow patches, a real-life charm costing less than it does in the game, and the only Halloween event earnable skin coming from not playing the actual multiplayer game, it looks like Overwatch 2 is really struggling with the perception of its free-to-play model and microtransactions.

Overwatch 2’s coin debt issue stems from the in-game currency of Overwatch coins. Multiple players are reporting that after buying coins in the game and then purchasing skins or bundles, their Overwatch 2 coin count then goes into the negatives for some reason. We’ve seen values of minus 2643 coins to minus 340.

It’s currently unclear as to why this is happening, or what it means for your Overwatch 2 coin purchases in the meantime. If you’re in Overwatch 2 coin debt we’d recommend doing nothing for now and contacting Blizzard with proof of the issue. Don’t attempt to spend or buy anymore coins, as we have no idea how it impacts the issue.

We’ve reached out to Activision Blizzard and should be hearing back about the issue soon, and when we do we’ll be sure to update this story with whatever we hear. I’d assume this is some sort of visual or store-wide glitch, with the values of your coins getting skewed, and thus putting you in this Overwatch 2 coin debt.

According to one of the people in apparent debt, user chickendog12395, they didn’t purchase the coins directly from the store, instead putting a £25 gift card on their console and spending it from there. It’s unclear how widespread the glitch is, but with multiple reports popping up now we’d suggest being careful on all platforms. One of the other examples appears to be on PC, looking at the UI, so it seems like the Overwatch 2 coin debt issue is on those two platforms at least.

You can find chickendog12395’s post on Reddit, along with another one showcasing the issue here.

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