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Overwatch 2 dating sim Loverwatch is pure delightful cringe

Overwatch 2 dating sim Loverwatch is finally here, as Blizzard releases the most delightfully cringe spin-off of an FPS game I've ever seen.

Overwatch 2 dating sim Loverwatch is pure delightful cringe: a man with pink wings aims a bow towards the camera

If you’ve ever wanted to date any of the Overwatch 2 characters you’re in luck, as the Valentine’s Day Loverwatch, the free Overwatch dating sim, is finally here, letting you romance either Mercy or Genji and get rewards in the FPS game for doing so. The new Blizzard experience might be non-canon to the lore of the Overwatch 2 universe, but it’s delightfully cringe.

Despite the fact that I keep reading it like Grover-watch instead of Lover-watch, the Overwatch 2 dating sim is a short but sweet delight. As part of Overwatch 2 Season 3, the Loverwatch dating sim is a nice limited-time bonus for fans of the series that really delivers. Yes, it’s pretty cringe and making fun of its own mistakes, but that’s what makes it funny.

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The Overwatch 2 dating sim is available from February 13 to 28, and the non-canon text-based game will reward you with a themed Play Of The Game highlight in the multiplayer game if you find the secret ending. Given it’s only half an hour long, it’s worth a go for those bonuses at the very least.

If, like me, you find the lore of Overwatch 2 the most interesting part of the game, this is absolutely the spin-off for you. Despite the fact it’s non-canon (Hanzo wears a Cupid skin) it delves into the Overwatch 2 characters a fair bit, and it’s fun to see this spin on them.

Overwatch 2 dating sim Loverwatch is pure delightful cringe

Basically, I’m here for it, and it’s the type of meta and cringe that’s right up my street. It’s a hard line to walk between not-so-sly plugs for the Overwatch 2 store and actually funny and inventive dialogue, but it’s absolutely worth a go, it’s a free game after all.

Overwatch 2 dating sim Loverwatch is pure delightful cringe

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