Overwatch 2 free OWL skins revealed for Kiriko and Junker Queen

Blizzard is giving away free Overwatch 2 skins for watching the Overwatch League playoffs and finals, including these cool looks for two of the newest heroes

Overwatch 2 free OWL skins: Kiriko and Junker Queen show off their Overwatch League skins, standing against a stark white background

If you’ve been concerned about the possibly high price tag of all the Overwatch 2 skins available in Blizzard’s free-to-play FPS game, how about a couple freebies? The Overwatch League playoffs are about to get underway, and you can pick up free skins just for tuning into the action.

Blizzard is offering a bunch of cosmetic rewards to Overwatch 2 players who watch the Overwatch League playoffs and grand finals, which run October 30 – November 4. You’ll earn five League Tokens for every hour you watch, and three Overwatch League home and away skins for every three hours watched.

Here’s the tricky part: you’ll need to link your Battle.net account to the YouTube account you’ll be using to watch. While there’s a way to link your Google account to your Battle.net account from the Battle.net account settings page, we recommend taking an additional step if you want to make sure you’re getting rewarded for the time you spend watching the competition.

So, head to YouTube and make sure you’re using the correct account. Click on your profile icon, then click the cog wheel for Settings. On the Settings page, select the Connected Apps tab on the left side, and click the ‘connect’ button next to Battle.net if it doesn’t already say that it’s connected. Follow the on-screen instructions to hook up your accounts – after that, it’s just a matter of watching a bunch of OWL.

For Overwatch 2’s newest heroes – Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko – the new skins will be available for watching the grand finals themselves. You’ll pick up the skin for Sojourn after viewing one hour, and the Junker Queen and Kiriko skins after two hours.

The rest of the skins can be earned by watching the playoffs games beforehand – and you’ll need to take in a full 30 hours of matches to earn the skins for Zarya, Widowmaker, and Winston (Blizzard will throw in 100 league tokens when you hit that mark, too).

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