Wild Overwatch 2 glitch makes Doomfist appear as Mercy

Despite causing havoc during the first Overwatch 2 beta test, a recurring bug is turning supports like Mercy into tanks like Doomfist in OW2

Overwatch Pink Mercy Breast Cancer Awareness skin stands against blue skies with clouds

With the second Overwatch 2 beta in full swing, one player has noticed a fun glitch that has carried over from the first playtest that effectively turns Doomfist into Mercy.

As players continue to explore the revamped Overwatch universe in the title’s highly anticipated sequel, Overwatch 2, there’s quite a bit to get your head around.

With new heroes like Sojourn being thrown into the mix (even if some players are claiming she’s boring) and a slew of changes to pre-existing characters like Mercy and Symmetra, every day is a school day.

Like most betas, however, players have encountered a whole slew of bugs, glitches, and all-round weirdness. One of these is with character profile icons, which appear to be reluctant to change even when you’ve switched characters (or class, apparently).

Game Pass for PCGame Pass for PCMicrosoft$9.99$1 (first month)SUBSCRIBENetwork N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Microsoft and other programs.During the first beta, some players noticed that their character image in the bottom left hand corner of the UI refused to adapt as they switched between heroes. While this is relatively minor and doesn’t really effect the actual gameplay, it quickly became a meme.

Coming into the second beta the profile bug is still there, but this time it’s managed to mix up Mercy and Doomfist, two characters from completely different classes (Support and Tank respectively).

“So I guess the portrait glitch still hasn’t been fixed” writes the bemused Doomfist player, showing off a screenshot of them playing the Nigerian Talon boss while the profile image shows the iconic Pink Mercy skin.

So i guess the portrait glitch still hasn’t been fixed from Overwatch

They go on to state “Doomfist support in OW3 confirmed,” poking fun at the fact the mysterious villain was initially a DPS, and is now a Tank in Overwatch 2.

“Don’t want to play Mercy? Too bad. You’re Mercy whether you’re actually Mercy or not,” jokes one fan, while another comments “One of the devs heard the ‘I don’t wanna play Mercy’ song one too many times and said f**k it.”

“Mercy is done with the changes, she made her own changes now….” one player quips, while final response reads “damn….Mercy hit the gym eh?”

Whether or not we finally see a fix come through in time for Overwatch 2’s release in October remains to be seen, but until then you better keep your eyes on the skies; Doomercy is here and isn’t taking prisoners.