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Overwatch 2 Gingerbread Bastion skin can be yours for one coin

The new Overwatch 2 Gingerbread Bastion skin is available in a bundle that costs one Overwatch coin, which you can earn by completing weekly challenges

Overwatch 2 Gingerbread bastion skin: Overwatch 2's robotic tank, Bastion, shown in gingerbread form with a red gumdrop Santa hat

Fancy a festive legendary skin for Overwatch standby Bastion? The new Overwatch 2 Gingerbreak Bastion legendary skin is available now, and the bundle can be had for the low, low price of one Overwatch coin. That works out to be about a penny if you buy packs, but you can earn a coin simply by playing Blizzard’s competitive multiplayer game as you normally do.

The new legendary skin for Bastion can be found in the shop. The skin replaces most of Bastion’s typical armour plates with iced gingerbread, with a darker brown and white substructure visible at his waist, arms, and legs. His bird companion is recreated in gingerbread, too, and the look is accented with red and white peppermints and a jaunty red gumdrop hat.

If you’ve got a stash of Overwatch coins sitting in your account, you’re good to go. One coin unlocks the pack. If you don’t have any coins, don’t worry: you can earn them either by completing weekly challenges in Overwatch 2, or by redeeming any Microsoft points you have for Overwatch coins. 1,800 Microsoft points will get you a bundle of 200 coins.

The offer runs now through January 2, so if you plan on knocking out some weekly challenges to earn the coins you need, now’s the time to start. You can check out the rest of the Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland skins for 2022 if you’re really feeling festive this season.