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Overwatch 2 Halloween bug brings menu terror to Blizzard FPS

An Overwatch 2 Halloween bug is causing players terror on the menus of the Blizzard online multiplayer FPS game as a returning glitch spawns a spooky Soldier 76

An Overwatch 2 Halloween bug is causing unintended terror for players in the Blizzard FPS game. Following the game’s recent release, the first major event is now underway. The Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror event features a range of new and old skins for sale, returning modes and a new Wrath of the Bride event touted as the sequel to Junkenstein’s Revenge. However, it’s also introduced a rather scary easter egg to the game.

As is customary, the Halloween Terror event comes with its own mysterious new title screen, which features panning shots across the Adlersbrunn map and its castle, as well as a figure strapped to a bench Frankenstein’s monster style with lightning being zapped into its body. It didn’t take fans too long to spot that the game had spawned a suspiciously spooky Soldier: 76 model into the shadows.

Overwatch streamer and YouTuber Stylosa highlighted the figure, which appears to be standing in the default ‘T-pose’ stance used as a base for character models before they are animated. While the stance has become a meme of sorts in its own right following numerous instances of it appearing in games by accident – leading to a trend of people ‘T-posing to establish dominance’ – it’s likely that this model was not, in fact, supposed to be visible in this scene.

Given that it’s standing in the dark, it’s quite easy to miss – I didn’t actually spot it myself until it was pointed out to me by a friend. However, the somewhat hidden nature of it only adds to the spookiness, not unlike those creepy images that were all the rage a few years ago that you stare at for several minutes to find what’s “wrong” only to suddenly leap out of your skin when your eyes catch a face staring blankly at you. We’ve included a much brightened-up version of the image down below, which is still live in game at the time of writing.

Overwatch 2 - brightened-up shot of the Halloween main menu showing Soldier: 76 T-posing in the background

It isn’t the first time this particular Overwatch 2 glitch has cropped up, either – a Reddit thread not long after the game’s launch queried why there were “little guys on the Ilios loading screen.” Despite this latest addition most likely being unintentional, however, fans seem largely in favour of the new addition. “Soldier T-posing is the most terrifying thing to see in a dark corner,” says one commenter, “it fits the spooky theme.” Another remarks, “It’s just the ‘Find the Psycho’ part of the event.”

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