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Overwatch 2 shows off new Season 11 mythic rewards and weapon skins

Overwatch 2’s next season is coming soon and the full rundown of what to expect has just been released, full of new loot and much more.

Overwatch 2 shows off new Season 11 mythic rewards and weapon skins : Sombra is dressed in an entirely new Aztec skin.

There’s a dichotomy at the heart of Overwatch 2. On one hand it’s the most loathed game Blizzard has ever produced, and that includes Warcraft 3: Reforged. The sequel to the original big name in hero shooters sits on a horrendous player score, with only 18% of all reviews being positive. On the other hand, 30 thousand people are logging in to play it each day – and that’s just on Steam, there are plenty of other places to play it. This means this popular/unpopular game is chugging along quite nicely despite the poor reviews, and the lid just got lifted on what players can expect in the next season.

Titled Super Mega Ultrawatch (ugh), Season 11 for Overwatch 2 plans to add plenty of new stuff into the multiplayer game, along with a few improvements to make playing a little easier for those of us with less time. The last season was focused all around new hero Venture but there’s no real overarching theme this time around, other than a general desire to do good and get involved in superhero stuff.

If you’ve dipped a toe into Overwatch 2 before you’ll probably be familiar with its battle passes, you pay to access it and then you earn rewards as you play through the season. This time around the battle pass comes with a new mythic skin for Ashe, giving players a new evil empress appearance on the battlefield. There’ll also be a new type of skin unveiled half way through the season – mythic weapon skins. These will give a weapon a new appearance and sound effects and can be equipped on any relevant hero skin.

To celebrate 100 million people playing Overwatch 2, a pink Mercy skin is being released with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. There’ll be some twists on heroes as the Community Crafted mode will be returning, with notable content creators getting to throw their ideas into the game changing up how it plays.

One of the biggest changes upcoming in Season 11 is the new Runasapi map. Set high up in the Peruvian Andes, this solar powered metropolis includes marketplaces, a museum, and of course a TS-1 to escort through its streets. In addition, those who can’t play every week will no longer miss out on rewards. If you miss a week you can complete it the next week, meaning it’s a little easier to grab the stuff you want even if you’re having to do other things.

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Overwatch 2 Season 11 will launch on Thursday June 20 and you can get the full details of what to expect over on the official site.

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