Overwatch 2 server error woes plague launch of Blizzard FPS

Overwatch 2 server error issues are preventing players from being able to play the new Blizzard FPS game sequel, with reports of a DDoS attack on the free game

Overwatch 2 server error - Junkrat in a clown outfit sipping on a large drink

Overwatch 2 server error notifications have become the talk of the FPS game’s community as players rush to try out the newly launched sequel. Developer Blizzard is hoping that Overwatch 2’s reimagining as a free game will breathe new life back into the ageing hero shooter once hailed as one of the best multiplayer games on PC. However, server queues and a DDoS attack have kept many players from playing the new release.

Many players have been sitting in Overwatch 2 login queues for lengthy periods of time only to be served with the message ‘unexpected server error occurred.’ After this, you are booted back out and must attempt to requeue again. Furthermore, many players who managed to get in have found themselves being unceremoniously dropped from the servers.

Blizzard president Mike Ybarra took to Twitter to address the issues, saying that “Unfortunately we are experiencing a mass DDoS attack on our servers.” A DDoS, or distributed denial-of-service, attack is when malicious users employ a network of bots around the world to mass flood a server with requests in an attempt to overload its capacity and force it to stop functioning as intended. Ybarra adds that “Teams are working hard to mitigate/manage” the situation, but acknowledges that the DDoS attack “is causing a lot of drop/connection issues.”

In addition, Blizzard has posted a series of known launch issues and bugs, which includes black screens when alt+tabbing out and certain cosmetic items and currency not showing up correctly. The full list of acknowledged issues is as follows:

  • Some players who merged their PC and console accounts are seeing an “Unexpected Server Error.”
  • Some cosmetics, items, and currency that players own are not showing up in their collections.
  • Some players are experiencing server disconnects.
  • Prices for dynamic bundles in some Just For You sections aren’t populating.
  • Using Alt + Tab in fullscreen and windowed borderless can result in a blackscreen.
  • The camera may be misplaced on the level when viewing your Highlights.
  • Hero Unlock challenges may fail to progress in Total Mayhem.
  • Workshop Green Screen and Workshop Island are loading incorrect maps and may break some existing codes.
  • Numbani, Necropolis, Illios CTF, and Temple of Anubis are temporarily disabled
  • Echo is playing Kiriko, Sojourn, and Junker Queen ultimate lines in English for non-English languages.
  • Mitigating Bastion’s damage as many heroes will not grant proper credit for the System-Wide Malfunction season challenge.
  • SMS protect – Using a number that is already in use on another account can leave the client in an unusable state. If you encounter this, close the title, log into the affected Battlenet account via web browser and change the number to one that is unique.

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