New Overwatch 2 hero Sojourn is “boring” AF, players claim

While Blizzard have already set about adding some fresh (yet familiar) faces to Overwatch 2's ever-expanding roster, DPS hero Sojourn hasn't won fans over

Overwatch 2 OW2 Sojourn on Toronto map firing gun from bracelet

Overwatch 2’s new DPS hero, Sojourn, has been on the cards for a while, but fans have been left unimpressed by the character’s “boring” personality.

With a release date nailed down and a whole slew of betas on the horizon, Overwatch 2 is finally out in the public eye after a series of delays and a lengthy period of silence.

Some players have been quick to dive in and test out some of their favorite heroes like Mercy and Symmetra – both of whom have received some significant changes during the second testing phase – while others have been strutting their stuff as the latest character to enter the fray, Junker Queen.

The Aussie bombshell has been quick to eclipse fellow newcomer, Sojourn, though. Despite all of the hype surrounding the Canadian DPS in the run-up to the game’s release, it seems like some aren’t exactly impressed by her lacklustre personality.

While she certainly boasts some impressive firepower, some players don’t think that prowess translates across to her character. “Sojourn’s personality is kinda boring,” one fan writes on the official Overwatch subreddit. “Especially since everyone else got amped up to 11 in OW2.”

“She’s basically good soldier who believes in justice, and is nice person. Pharah had that problem last game, but she’s way more aggressive in this game now too. Hopefully the new cinematic with her will at least add to that.”

“‘Good soldier with exceptional talent’ is a trope already overdone within Overwatch,” notes one reply, with one comment going so far as to claim  Sojourn “has no layers.”

“She’s the ‘safe’ mascot character with a personality, backstory and abilities that are just flat enough to fit into the game without making much of a stir,” echoes another response.

Countering this, one reply does highlight that it “is very early days for Sojourn. We could always get a few story lines that pull everyone’s attention to her, but unless it’s in the upcoming cinematic or in the PVE, not many people will care.”

As we continue to dive into Sojourn’s past and learn a little more about this mysterious misfit, it’ll be interesting to see how her lore develops. If it’s anything like Reaper, though, you’d best keep clear of her!