Overwatch Halloween Terror is live now – check out Pumpkin Hammond

Overwatch's Halloween Terror event is live, and brings a host of new skins to the game

Overwatch’s annual Halloween Terror event is now live, and it’s brought with it a host of new spooky skins. Escort the payload in style as a Halloween-themed version of some of your favorite heroes, including Pharah, Doomfist, and Wrecking Ball.

Many maps are getting a makeover for the event. At the beginning of the month, Blizzard released a teaser for that saw the Château Guillard given a terrifying face-lift, and hinted at some less-than-savory goings on inside.

Returning in this year’s event is Junkenstein’s Revenge, the cooperative game mode that pits four players against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Surprisingly, there are actually two versions of the game mode available: the classic version from previous years, and a new version called “Endless Night,” where players can choose from ten playable heroes, including Tracer and Brigitte for the first time.

It appears that a bride of Junkenstein has found her way into the game as well. Sombra’s new skin gives off plenty of Bride of Frankenstein vibes, and pairs her up well with Roadhog’s Halloween digs.

Below are all of the skins that Blizzard has teased in the lead-up to the event.

While the new skins look pretty slick, they’re not without controversy. In particular, Doomfist’s new Swamp Monster skin has been the target of a petition aiming to change its name to Doomfish.

This year’s Halloween Terror comes along side hype for a Torbjörn rework that sees major changes to our favorite turret-building hero. It’s unclear when this rework will go live, but testing on the PTR suggests that it could happen any day. Perhaps releasing as part of the Halloween event isn’t outside the realm of possibility. The updates to Torbjörn have been received well in the community.

Live now, Halloween Terror 2018 will run until October 31, so get those new skins while you can.






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