Activision-Blizzard were third-highest ranking videogame company by earnings in 2016

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We all knew Overwatch and World of Warcraft: Legion were going to be massive, but they’ve contributed towards major success for Activision-Blizzard, placing the company in third among the highest earning game companies in the world for last year.

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Above ActiBlizz is Sony and Chinese publisher Tencent. Tencent brought in $10,201 million in 2016, Sony brought in $7,837 million, and ActiBlizz earned $6,607 million.

These figures, via analyst site Newzoo, don’t take into account hardware sales, though Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscriptions are a factor. The rest is purely game sales and microtransactions.

That figure means ActiBlizz saw a 42% increase in revenue compared to 2015. It also puts them over $100 million ahead of Microsoft, and almost $2,000 million in front of EA.

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