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Blizzard trying to encourage Overwatch players to talk to each other

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If you're tired of standing alone on Overwatch's capture points or using your ultimate only for your team to be looking the other way, Blizzard are trying to help.

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Encouraging communication has been a big focus for the team, says game director for Overwatch Jeff Kaplan, and the implementation and use of voice chat is still being worked out.

On the developer forums, a complaint that players are being separated into group or team chat to the detriment of whole team communication drew an explanation by Kaplan of how the problem is being approached.

"We definitely want to encourage positive team communication," Kaplan says. "We had tried forcibly switching voice channels for players and received extremely negative feedback for doing that. What we would like to look into is trying to make players more aware that team chat is available and encourage participation."

A common complaint of players is that no-one is talking in public chat channels, and that's something that is confusing Kaplan while they look for a solution.

"I play the game a lot -- solo and grouped -- and it comes down most of the time to people not talking, even when they are in the channel," he says. "Maybe they are shy? Maybe they have nothing to say? Maybe their mic is not working? We'll try to help with all of those issues but you can't sledgehammer other players into talking over the internet. You can only gently encourage."

For now, if you're upset that no-one seems to be talking in your games, try talking yourself or make use of the non-verbal communication options in the chat wheel (use C (default) to bring it up).

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Rock1m1 avatarQDP2 avatar[GM] SocietyX avatar「Spaerk」 avatar
QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

There was never any clear explanation for the keyboard shortcuts in Overwatch. P, O, I, { all doing something with your friend/group/voice chat channels, I never really spent much time trying to understand it.

This complexity combined with the voice key being the ' key (on a uk keyboard 2 keys right of the L key) really didn't feel like the most productive placement, forcing us players to use our mouse hand to hold the voice key in order to speak.

Rock1m1 Avatar
1 Year ago

I use Discord with my friends, and don't wanna talk with strangers.

[GM] SocietyX Avatar
1 Year ago

I find that often with VOIP in games that if you talk first, more people respond. People are kind of lazy. So if you take initiative soon as game starts and just bel ike "Hey Team!" People do respond, not all the time.

「Spaerk」 Avatar
1 Year ago

Apart from the fact that most people probably use other programs for voice, like Discord, Skype or Teamspeak, the inbuilt chat and voice chat are also very unintuitive. It's not quite clear for example which chat rooms even exist since there doesn't seem to be a drop down menu or something like that which lets you switch between channels.