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Don’t worry: Overwatch no longer has a fixed FOV

Overwatch FOV

Blizzard has done a quick 180 in regards to the lack of FOV slider in Overwatch. Back in March, the company line was that the multiplayer FPS would have a fixed FOV, with Blizzard preferring a low, universal FOV and an even playing field. It now looks like this plan has been scrapped.

We spoke with Blizzard earlier today and got confirmation that an FOV slider had been added despite the original, some might say unwarranted, concerns. It’s in the current build of Overwatch.

Originally, a Blizzard rep explained that Overwatch would have a fixed vertical FOV of 60 and, at 16:9, a horizontal FOV of 92. The reasoning was that an FOV slider would create a situation where people who didn’t know they could change the FOV would be at a disadvantage, which is a little bit like saying that people who don’t know they can change the graphics options to achieve a steadier framerate are also at a disadvantage.

But they’ve come to their senses, so let’s let bygones be bygones.