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New Overwatch hero Echo spotted in leaked artwork

She's expected to be part of an upcoming sequel announcement

A new hero for Overwatch has been leaked, thanks to a piece of art that appeared briefly on the Blizzard Gear shop. The artwork was quickly taken down, but as it’s the internet, the damage has already been done.

First spotted by members of the MMO Champion forum (via GamesRadar), the image is a group-shot of several heroes rocking new duds, with a new hero, Echo, appearing in the background, just over Tracer’s. Echo had been heavily rumored as an addition for some time, and this is one more piece of confirmation that her addition is imminent.

There’s been substantial reports that Blizzard are set to announce Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon this weekend, showcasing a whole host of features with the reveal. The new follow-up to the multiplayer shooter is expected to have new games modes, maps, PvE elements, and at least one new hero. It’s looking increasingly likely Echo is that one hero, and we’ll get a good look at her during a presentation at BlizzCon.

Echo’s already part of Overwatch canon, having made a brief appearance at the end of the ‘Reunion’ animated short. The only tangible thing we know about her is she has some sort of relationship with McCree. At the time, Blizzard commented that Echo simply wasn’t ready to join the fray yet.

Overwatch will be expanding as franchise next year, too, with its first novel, centered around Orisa, coming in May 2020. All of this comes as Blizzard has had to deal with a small exodus of staff as the company re-focuses development on what’s believed to be Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4.

BlizzCon, where we’ll hopefully get a proper look at Echo, begins this Friday and runs all weekend.