Elon Musk plays Overwatch, “finds it soothing”


We know Elon Musk as the charismatic billionaire behind eco-friendly Tesla cars, and aerospace company SpaceX. But when the tech mogul isn’t busy firing cars into space, he likes to spend his down-time playing Overwatch. 

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Twitch streamer TimTheTatman asked Musk, via Twitter, whether he ever plays Overwatch. Surprisingly, Musk answered, and even more surprisingly, he called Overwatch “soothing” – he’s clearly not in the same matches as I am.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Musk playing Overwatch. We were initially hit with the bombshell back in 2016, when Musk recommended the game in a tweet, he also confirmed he plays on the only platform that matters – PC.

The tweet led Blizzard to offer Musk to catapult Winston into outer-space. Ok, not catapult – he only does that to automobiles.

But which hero does one of the most powerful men in the world main? Soldier 76. After all, we all need a break sometimes.

Credit: Header image via Heisenberg Media.