Overwatch hero 31: “He is going to be released a little bit later than you’re used to”

Jeff Kaplan (slightly) narrows down the options for hero 31


Blizzard has offered just a bit of detail on the next handful of updates coming to Overwatch – but mostly, this is a warning to expect a slightly different release schedule than normal. The summer event will be coming earlier than usual, but the next new Overwatch hero will be delayed a bit. Yet Jeff Kaplan has also given us a tiny hint on what to expect from hero 31.

“You’re probably expecting a hero release sometime very soon,” Kaplan says in the latest developer update video. “Well, don’t worry, we are working on the hero. Hero 31 is going to be awesome, but he is going to be released a little bit later than you’re used to. He’ll be here soon enough, so don’t worry. We think a little bit of extra time is going to make the hero even more awesome.”

Kaplan puts conspicuous emphasis on the masculine pronouns, so it’s safe to say Overwatch’s next hero will be male. A few months ago, he confirmed during a stream that it wouldn’t be Sojourn, Echo, or Jetpack Cat, so we’ve got a precedent of hints – maybe the game of guess who will finish up before the hero’s even revealed.

Summer Games will start “much sooner that it usually happens,” and there’ll be some notable changes to the event. There’ll be weekly “mini-challenges” during Summer Games, similar to other recent challenge events, and those will let you unlock epic skins.

You can see all the details in the video above.

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For more on the latest Overwatch updates, stick with us – and prepare yourself for this brave new future where things happen at slightly different times than they did in the past.